Web Superheroes

Heroic Web Design

We make awesome web apps and websites using the following:

  • Wordpress Themes & Sites

  • HTML5 & CSS3 100% Compliant

  • Cross Device Fully Accessible

Responsive Design Specialists

/re • spon • sive / [adj]

  • 1. Reacting quickly & positively
  • 2. Responding readily & with interest or enthusiasm

The internet is evolving faster than a speeding bullet. For many, handheld devices have become the weapon of choice for web browsing, calling for an attractive, responsive site that can adapt to the users’ screen size, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

At WSH, we spin webs to any size so that your site can be viewed any time, any place. So you can stop holding out for a hero, we’re already here.

Take a look at our portfolio of past victories.

Our Process


You know what you want, we know how to make it work for you. Let’s talk, no strings attached.

You can meet one of our heroes in person, over the phone or via email to discuss your ideas. From there, we take it to WSH HQ to work out your personal solution.


With great power comes great responsive web design. This is where we take over and begin coding your new super-powered website.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the build process to make sure you're 100% happy at every step.


Once the day has been saved and your site has been thoroughly tested for villains, we’ll run it by you once again before going live.

As with all good heroes, we’ll always be there when you need us. Should you find yourself in need of further assistance, you’ll always have a direct line to Hero HQ.

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